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Protecting and guaranteeing your operation's security is becoming increasingly urgent.

Do you know how to do it?

By completing a brief survey of the state of maturity of your OT network, we will give you a personalized report of the level at which you are. Besides, we will tell you how you can protect yourself from the growing cyber threats and you will be able to request a free reading of the results in a virtual session with a Fortinet expert.

You will receive your evaluation, risks and recommendations according to the level you are at and you will be able to see examples of critical cases of companies of your same industry.

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By clicking on the EVALUATE button, I accept that Fortinet can send me by email extended information regarding the cybersecurity maturity level of my company's and industry's OT environment.
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Discover your level of risk and how to mitigate it
Please answer all questions and click on GENERATE REPORT. You will find in yellow the questions you still have to answer.
To discover how secure your operating environment is, follow these 3 steps and find out how Fortinet can help.
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Answer 10 simple multiple-choice questions.

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Fortinet will provide you with a report based on your answers showing your operating system's cybersecurity maturity level.

step 3 fortinet automation

The report will be sent automatically to your corporate email, and you can also request that it be interpreted in a personalized way and at no cost by one of our experts.